HIIT Super Slow Personal Training History


Considered pioneers in both High Intensity and SuperSlow® training, Greg and Ann-Marie Anderson started instructing the SuperSlow® protocol as early as 1989 while working for one of the original Nautilus chains. In 1994 they purchased one of the six Nautilus Northwest facilities. As a result, Ideal Exercise was born and the rest is history. Ideal Exercise is the oldest personal training gym in the Northwest and the first SuperSlow® High Intensity facility West of the Mississippi.

By 1996 Greg and Ann-Marie downsized their facility to instructing only one-on-one slow high intensity strength training. Since 1994, Ideal Exercise has been developing its own style of slow, high intensity progressive resistance exercise. After training tens of thousands of clients over the last 23 years, we are confident that we have the knowledge and experience to help anyone achieve any physical or fitness goal!

Remembering Greg Anderson

In 2012, co-founder Greg Anderson passed away. He was an amazing promoter and instructor of the SuperSlow® protocol and was named one of the greatest trainers in the world by Doug McGuff (co-author of "Body By Science") and other slow HIT enthusiasts. His legacy lives on through Ideal Exercise and co-founder Ann-Marie.